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Legal-iLegal-i Solutions deliver tailor-made Business Intelligence specifically to the Legal sector.

We have done the complex work of understanind all of the system tables behind your firm's PMS and the legal business processes. From this we have produced a comprehensive selection of Legal-i cubes that take you beyond simple PMS reporting to support your firm's development.

Working with legal industry's best of breed PMS’s such as Thompson Elite; Pilgrim Lawsoft and Norwel, Legal-i contains predesigned interfaces that not only provide you with simple statistics such as Recovery rates; Margin analysis and utilisation rates at every level of the firm in a few clicks, but will also enable you to investigate areas of your performance or business initiatives and budget / forecast analysis that has never been possible with traditional methods of data extraction or standard PMS reporting.

Simple things such as bill apportionment to fees; outlays etc... through to working fee earners or true 'fees paid by pay date' breakdown, which in certain systems has been impossible to achieve, is instantaneous and standard within Legal-i.

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