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Legal-iLegal-i Solutions deliver tailor-made Business Intelligence specifically to the Legal sector that can work in all sizes of firm.

Legal-i interfaces with best of breed PMS applications and a wealth of other data sources around your firm to provide a centralised information zone rather than extracting lots of different data from different applications around your business and then attempting to consolidate them in spreadsheets. Legal-i provides the expertise with pre-calculated, validated and complex legal business measures that enable your decision makers to benefit immediately.

Firms who need fast intuitive analysis tool for their decision makers may choose to use the Legal-i cubes through a range of Microsoft or bespoke visualisation products. Whereas firms who want to channel KPI’s to their Fee Earners, Management, business development team and even clients will additionally want to take advantage of the Legal-i dashboards and automated reporting packages to equip the users to take daily actions themselves that ultimately reduce error, cut costs and improve the bottom line.

All Legal-i Solutions are scalable to enable customers to achieve gains at every level at timescale to suit their operation and resources.

Take a look at the Legal-i Product that’s right for your firm.

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